Monday, February 20, 2006

Ambiana- Week 6

6 weeks, we can hardly believe it! Ambiana's been a fussy-butt this week...up all day feeding and cranky one day and then sleeping thru the day the next. It's like she is compelled to eat as a growth spurt comes on which makes her mad as she wants to sleep but must eat and then the next day she is in dreamland has her body puts momma's milk to work making her bigger. Its amazing how quickly she fills out her clothes and the diaper covers which were so big on her last week are now tight! Colleen took her for the 1st time yesterday in the car alone without someone sitting beside her. We also took her to the SuperMarket for the 1st time last week!!!

Click Play to see Ambiana in action:)

Gaelen and I went out for breakfast and had pancakes, my 1st suprise for him was a small tin of real Maple Syrup to replace the sugary crap most places serve. He loved it and wanted to take it home with him 'cause the syrup at home is not as yummy! My 2nd suprise was a Scooby matching game which we played after pancakes. We then went to the community gym to run around and wrestle and play superheros. After last Sunday's visit at our house 2 hours is oh so brief and it is hard for both of us when the time is up so soon but we have next Sunday to look forward to:)

Click Play to view footage of my Sunday with Gaelen:)