Monday, July 02, 2007

Goosewing Beach

We returned to Goosewing Beach this past Friday for a fun filled day at the Beach. Katie, Gamma and Maya met us there which made it super duper fun. Gaelen joined us this year as well. We drove out Thursday night and camped out at Horseneck Beach State Park, just drove in and set up our tent, cooked a meal and slept, leaving early in the morning. It's sad how campgrounds cater to the RV's which bring along the satellite dish and all the stuff from home so the campground looks more like a suburban subdivision rather than a rustic excursion into Nature.

It was overcast most of the day which was great as it allowed us to stay all day plus it kept the masses away and we had ample beach to romp on.

Gaelen was a super grandkid, keeping an eye on Gamma as she frolicked in the waves. Gamma spent the most time in the ocean out of all of us and it was a joy to see her having so much fun in the surf. I showed Gaelen the "run-from-the-waves-before-they-can-touch-
your-toes" game and he played it all day long.

Ambiana didn't care for the sea but she loved the sand. Gaelen spent the last hour or so building ditches and holes and barriers to keep back the incoming tide and then sat and watched as the waves crept closer and closer over-running his defenses and washing his castle back into the sea.

It was a sweet day, on the way home we drove North through Fall River and searched around until we found a Pizza joint that was playing the Red Sox game on TV.

Come to the Beach with us!!!