Sunday, May 27, 2007

Ohana con't

Our lives are full with Gaelen, Molly & Eden being here, their presence in the house, the kitchen the yard makes dinner fuller as well as bathtime. We are going to miss them when they are nolongerhere. Yaya too, she asked about them all during our trip. We have been talking about our trip to Fiji, NZ and Hawai'i with Gaelen from the get-go. He knows we are all not going to be living here forever.

Molly and he and Eden are going home to Ohio in July or so Molly plans. We are two families bridged by Gaelen. We share the same space but not the same reality, our thoughts actions and directions we want to go at this time so divergent. Yet we are rooted of the same soil and thus whole. Gaelen his mothers child; his fathers child too and with this time we've had together Colleen's child as well, 3 parents, four when John is within the Fold. Quite hard to wrap that up behind a white picket fence. He and Molly in the courts Now, Molly living here, quite the reversal of not so long ago. Yin to that Yang. Molly and her gypsy ways which at least she has in common with me. Not so John, rooted to this land and scape. What will this moon bring?

Our Ohana off on tangents but not separating just following our own destinies. Oh the lessons this life offers us if only we could only tai'chi them, accept them flow with them, get our monkey mind out of the way. Colleen, Yaya and me going out to walk among the people, be the eyes of the earth walking, seeing, meeting, learning, being. Among the islands of Fiji, the farms of New Zealand, the volcanoes on Hawai'i. the people the experiences, the growing, expanding, becoming...

Baseball is the language me and Gaelen speak most successfully. I fear I have taught him too much for he's asking me if he can steal in T-ball and they don't even let him lead. We've watched 2.5 games now on TV and Gaelen can keep track of the counts and outs and knows where to find the score and what inning it is. Gaelen likes Big Papi best.(so does Gamma G)

Gaelen likes to win, he gets upset when he senses he is losing or if I hit the ball too far when we play in the backyard, I'm learning to not play games that involve win or lose, learning that to make him laugh and smile and happy is the greatest joy. Now the rules are: he loads the bases with base hits and then hits a grand slam and then I get to bat and hit one over the fence if i outs, no runs, just what we like best. My father lived with me 18 years and was a stranger so I know that time is not the only ingredient in being a successful father and hope I possess some of the others, the LOVE, the intent, the presence :(especially when I'm on the computer :)

Ambiana loves blueberries. I love her toddling and she loves to toddle and bring me things, walking back and forth between her books or the box of puppets at the library, bringing me a book or a fuzzy monkey and then going to get another one, over and over, and then taking them back, books back on the shelf, puppets in the box. I wake up in the morning to her calling out dada and then smiling big when my head rises like the sun over colleen's gaia...mmmmmhhh if that is not loveshine nothing is.

Gaelen has told her about Coco Crisp the center fielder for the Sox and now if we call out his name when he comes to bat or makes some great catch she calls out coco, she also cheers for Youk and when I do my run scoring dance she claps and dances too. One day maybe Gaelen will do the dance with me. We are thinking yaya is smart enough to pee somewhere besides her diapers but so far its not the potty, I think she should just squat with Mommy but the neighbors probably would find that a tad weird, maybe the bathtub but then we don't want a poopee bathtime.

T-Ball, Eden, Yaya, Frogs and Gaelen crossing the Log!!