Monday, July 17, 2006

Heat Wave

With the 6 moon plateau and the beginning of the 6th trimester we are discontinuing the weekly portrait of Ambiana in favor of a monthly one. Our little Shmoo is handling the hot sweaty days and nights in stride, just a little bit cranky and Mom and Papa-Moch have to keep slathering on the Olive Oil with each diaper change to keep the heat rash off her butt. The big news this week is that we began feeeding Ambiana solid food. Colleen just mixes a little boob-moo with rice ceral, mushed up green beans and last night mushed up carrots. It's quite a sight to see Colleen milk herself at the table to prepare our little darling's meal.

We've had a mellow week after our roadtrip, it's been in the 90's all week. We head out on Tuesday night for NY to the Falcon Ridge Folk Fest. We are volunteering and are part of the early-bird security crew. Gaelen is going to join us on Sunday for the day there.

It was great to see my little boy after a 2 week absence. Colleen and Ambiana stayed home and Gaelen and I hit the pond near his house. He brought along his winged Batman that his Ohio grandma gave him and hid him under a towel the whole time so no one would take him. We turned the jungle gym into a spaceship and rocketed to a watery world which we then spent the next 2 hours exploring, building dams and canals and having splash wars in the water. Gaelen once again ventured out into water above his waist and even completely submerged his head under water. He is getting more confident each time we are in water. He loved watching the little fish that were in the pond and chasing the sun-ripples across the sandy bottom. He is excited about the Festival next week and is hoping his Mom will let him camp with us Saturday night. This is his idea completely which is another milestone in our relationship as he is able to ask himself for more time with me. Yesterday he asked if he could spend 3 hours instead of 2 with me and we compromised on 2.5 hours after he was assured that 2.5 was more than 2.