Monday, March 13, 2006

Ambiana- Week n9ne

Ambiana is finding her voice, just today upon wake up and smiles she spewed out a fewsounds that could've been a short sentance. And she's found her hands are under her control andbrings the left one to her mouth or touches them together. Colleen is convinced she reaches out to touch her but I'm not so sure. It was a fun filled weekend for her and us. On Friday we took her with us up to Greenfield for a David Kaynor PotLuck and Contra. We were the only ones at the potluck with the band which is fun as we get to know the various fiddler, mandolinists and guitarists. This friday there was a clarinet also and a the guitar boy was up from North Carolina on Spring Break. I recognized him as one of the musicians from Dandelion Romp in Oberlin Ohio 2 years ago. Our Potluck contrabution was Mashed Suds and NutLoaf. Amazing how having a baby opens up the world, even walking down the block people in their yards look up smile and shout something out. It was no different at the Contra, people loved Ambiana and when you view the clip of her and Colleen waltzin' you'll know why.

Colleen & Ambiana Waltzin'

Ambiana loves the whole contra experience; all the people, the music, the energy. We hang her from us facing out or in depending on whether she is awake or sleeping. When she hung with me I encouraged the other dancers to take her hand in circles and stars so she can feel the love directly as well. The contact in a good contra set is electric, the chi really flows and is the magic of anykind of dancing! Its especially fun in contra because you are actually dancing with others and have all kinds of contact through hands and eyes with which to ride the chi.

On Saturday night the 3 of us crossed the river into Holyoke and went to a big old stone church to watch Fritz Lang's 1927 "Metropolis", a silent film which was accompanied by an organist playing the big old barouque pipe organ. The acoustics were great and it was awesome how the organist interpreted the scenes and emotions from the film. As to the film Colleen and Iwere both greatly impressed, the effects while simple were ingenious and well used and a delight to the eye after decades of Hollywood Blockbuster Special effects. The theme of the film was that of man being turned into a part of the machine, a topic as relevant today as it was then, portrayed brilliantly as the split between the Mind and the Body which is the scourge of Western Civilization and offering up the Heart and its Re-emergence as the remedy to the split. Again a solution as relevant now as then. Ambiana did not seem to mind the organ and intermittenly slept and nursed.

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On Sunday Colleen and Ambiana joined me on my visit to Gaelen for the 1st time since the birth. We went to the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge courtesy of the South Hadley library which offers passes to Library Card Holders. We love the Library anywhere we find one! The NR Museum had a Dinotopia exhibit we all wanted to see plus a Art of National Geographic exhibit that I wanted to see. Gaelen was interested in some of the paintings. He loved Waterfall city but thought it might be scary to live there. Not me I would LOVE to live in Waterfall City!

We roamed the museum haphazradly as his attention went form the pictures to the benches (carved in sinuous shapes) the dinosaur footprints on the floor or "where is Colleen & Ambiana as they did not try to keep our flitflighty pace and would occassionally sit down to nurse. Gaelen is very interested in nursing which he calls "nur-nur" he remembers when he nursed and thinks its great that a baby can eat without having to go to the refrigerator. He then told us his nur nurs were small and would always be small. I told him mine were small and hairy and then we showed each other our nur-nurs. Way more interesting than Norman Rockwell. We soon left to go play at the playground. Colleen, Ambiana and I came back after John picked Gaelen up to check out Dinotopia in detail. The National Geographic art was neat as I recognized a bunch of the art from the magazines I've read over the years.

We had a fun time at the playground, wrestling and playing superhero with another boy until it started to rain, then we took shelter on a porch and played with the magnetic builder kit and ate yogurt till John arrived! Next week, all day at our house!!!!

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