Monday, April 23, 2007

Doyles' 5 mile Run

6 days ago it was wet, cold and windy. On Sunday it was in the 80's for the Doyles' Emerald Necklace 5 mile run through Franklin Park in Boston. We drove down Saturday night and spent the night with Gamma and then went over to Katie's house which is right on the race course. There were over 2000 people running and at least 15 people pushing joggers. It was a slow slogg for the first two miles weaving between people to get to some running room. Colleen didn't run so it was up to me and Ambiana. With all the cruddy weather we haven't run at all and I was surprised at the 43:18 time I finished with, about 750th in the field and 4th in the stroller pushing division.

There was a big post race party at the finish line with free food and beer and I got us all some yums and we had a picnic in the street with Gamma and Katie and Maya before heading back to Katie's house. Gamma makes a good stroller!

The warm sunny weather began on Thursday and on Friday Colleen, Ambiana, Gaelen and me climbed up from the Notch to Bald Mt. with beautiful views of Amherst and the Connecticut River Valley.

Ambiana and I enjoyed a nice afternoon on the Red Sox porch. She is so vocal and feisty. She has lots of words and it's pretty easy to communicate with her. She would also be walking if she could cut the cord to us as she just has to have us walk with her. She has been taking 2-3-4-5 steps when we make her but is just plain stubborn and refuses to walk on her own though she could if she put her mind to it.

Bald Mt and Boston!

With the storm last week and all the sun the Connecticut River has been up about 25 feet right to the base of the path I made last year. Usually there is 25 yards or so from the bottom of the path to the river but as you can see the river has come up to the path. Gaelen and me anticipated this rise though and took the wood that make up our fire circle seats and placed them out of reach of the water before it rose. The floods are welcome as they scrub the shore of all the debris that piles up and the waste left behind by inconsiderate humans. We are looking forward to the water receding so we can have a riverside sunset fire soon!