Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A Night on the Island

We crossed the street with the canoe, down the embankment and paddled over to the island in the Connecticut just before sunset to set up camp and spend the night.

We had it all to ourselves and since it was underwater for most of April and May it was relatively clean! Ambiana and Gaelen both enjoyed their time playing in the sand!

We built a nice fire once the sun went down and Gaelen and I took turns listening to the Red Sox/Indians game on my Walkman. Ambiana and Colleen snacked while Gaelen entertained us with his primitive fire spinning skills.

We all awoke in the tent at 5:30am when the sun rose, we started a fire from the embers of last night's and were surprised at how many fishermen were already up and out. Then it was a short paddle home for breakfast!

Paddle with us!!