Monday, May 15, 2006

Ambiana- 18 weeks

We left Tuesday on our 12 day roadtrip to a contradance campout weekend in Indiana and to visit family and friends in Ohio, Chicago and NY. We left at 6pm and drove till about midnight finding a big empty state park campground in the Poconos. Ambiana spent the first of what will no doubt be, over the years, many nights in a tent. No problems arose and she loved reaching out and touching the tarp which made an especially crunchy noisy noise to her delight! We are now taking a rest break at Penn State to get her out of the car seat and so daddy can check in with Spanda and conduct business away from home. We are going to stop later tonight somewhere in Western PA for the night with plans to arrive in Columbus Ohio 2morrow after noon and then spend the night with Stormy, Zane and Dave outside of Cincinnati!

We left Penn State in the rain and drove to Pittsburgh to the park on the point between the Mongonohala and Alleghey Rivers where Ft Duquesne and Fort Pitt once stood. The sun came out as we parked and walked around the grassy park. We got into the Fort Pitt museum for free as it was closing in 15 minutes. It was fascinating to be here after reading so much about this place and its impact on the French & Indian war. I imagined what it would have been like to arrive here not by highway and car but down the river in a canoe; no big buildings, bridges and hilltop houses, just two big rivers, forested ridges and the sound of rushing water and birds. What a beautiful spot it must have been untouched by the machinations of Western Civ. It is still a beautiful spot despite all the bridges, stadiums, buildings and highways.

We cooked cheesy pasta, got drenched by a sudden thunderstorm and packed up and drove thru West Virginia and into Ohio stopping for the night at another empty State Park near Zanesville. Ambiana spent her 1st rainy night in a tent complete with a raging thuderstorm which she didn't seem to mind; probably just glad to be out of the car seat. We were up and out at dawn drivng down to Lancaster for breakfast at Rising Park and a morning climb up Mt. Pleasant. We then drove into Columbus and visited with Colleen's "little sister" Brittney and met Susan and Curtis at Udipi for Indian food with a trip to Graeter's for ice cream. We then drove south to Cincinnati and spent the night and part of Friday with Stormy, Dave, Zane and their two cats.

Travelling with Ambiana we have run out of cloth diapers and she is in her very 1st organic chlorine free diaper as we do wash and her butt looks so much smaller with it on, its like almost a different baby! We are gettin ready to eat lunch and in the afternoon are off the O'Bannon Woods State Park in Indiana for the Potato Run ContraDance Campout Weekend...Yippee!!!

Check out our visit to the Holyoke Fish Elevator!

Gaelen spent Sunday with us at our house. We had so much fun creating a super duper fort. He actually seemed interested in Ambiana this time and spent a little time letting her play with his Gumby figurine. We played a little baseball and then took him to the fish elevator as well. He LOVED being inside the pwer generating building at the Dam and even though all the rain meant the fish elevator was not running he didn't seem to mind and asked a gazillion questions about the turbines and the big crane hanging from the ceiling. We are sad that our roadtrip means we miss a visit with him next week and we planned the trip so as to end up in Great Barrington on the following Sunday.