OH-> NY-> VT

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Mason, Ohio

From St. Louis it was back into Ohio to spend a day out of the car with Stormy, Dave and their 3 kids, Zane, Stone and Indica.

Zane & Ambiana

The kids enjoyed playing together, Colleen & Stormy enjoyed making Margaritas together. It seems everytime Ambiana earns a Jr. Ranger Badge Mom has a Margarita :)  I enjoyed spending Friday on the couch!

Columbus, Ohio

Saturday we headed out bound for Webster NY where the Scahill’s graciously offered their home even though they are down south in South Carolina. Passing through Columbus Colleen had us stop for an ice-cream lunch.


Niagara Falls, NY

Then it was back in the car with our next stop for dinner at Niagara Falls. We ate at an Indian place and then took in the views.

Webster, NY

Our stop at the empty Scahill place was brief but wonderful, it’s like a home away from home. We didn’t see the Easter Bunny and at 10:30am head out for the last 387 mile of what would be out 6,447 miles in 22 days.

Worcester, VT

We arrived home exactly 22 days to the hour from when we left and found to our surprise a foot of snow on our new land. We had planned to camp so we could clean before we moved in, the camp being a hunting lodge for 20 years but we moved right in, cleaned up the loft and spnet our 1st night in our new HOME!

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CO-> KS-> MO

We drove slowly out of the mountains through the foothills with the sunset on our backs and a thunderstorm out on the plains before us as we emerged from the canyon. Denver took too long to get through, am amazed at how much of it there is. Caribou Island was a short book but with a lot packed into it. I wanted it to go one but it sticks with you longer this way…wondering…I am on to the Dan Simmons’ The Terror, a historical tale about what might have happened to Sir John Franklin’s Northwest Passage Expedition of 1845. Two years caught in the polar ice sounds like a picnic after this roadtrip…just kidding, it doesn’t feel real unless we pack up the tent and drive 300 miles. We have acclimated to the car, all except Bobi who tolerates it…so listening to this tale spoke in the accents of the period i drive and drive and drive and the time jumps an hour and now it’s 2am that we pull into the state park just off off I-70 in Kansas so we can wake up tomorrow and got to the…

Oz Museum– Wamego Kansas

The Oz museum was visited by Katie, Bob and Maya when they moved West in 2009 and with all things Oz we follow their yellow brick road so with the soundtrack filling the car we roll into Wamego past the Oz Winery and park in front of Toto’s Tacoz.

The museum is a gift shop in front and a hall of memorabilia spanning the stories roots with the author F. L. Baum through all its incarnations and languages. They even have a nice small theater half way through where you can sit and watch a spell of the movie that drew you here(if it wasn’t the books or the Wiz or the Muppets and the Wizard of Oz.

There were early editions of the books, video of silent oz films from the 20’s, all sorts of memorabilia and bios and artifacts of all the principal actors. Ambiana spent more time in the gift shop because she was promised one thing and took her sweet time deciding between a stuffed Toto and a Snow Globe Glinda.

Glinda prevailed and we all went next door and had Munchkin Tacos and Tin Man Burritos…

…before loading up and driving East into Missouri…

Graham Caves State Park- Missouri

…where I set up camp and Colleen cooked us dinner while Ambiana & Jakobi wandered the woods picking flowers for our dinner table. The campground was empty and we slept like babes until 9AM when we packed and loaded up, breakfasted while we rolled, stopped to buy lunch fixins at a supermarket and headed to…

The Jefferson Expansion Arch- St. Louis, MO

We picnicked in the museum underground beneath the Arch, took a wander through the exhibits just long enough for Ambiana to collect her 5th Jr. Ranger Badge and would have gone up the tram to the top had there not being a 90 minute wait and had Ambiana not refused to go up citing Gamma getting stuck in her elevator this past summer. No matter,¬† we needed to load up and roll through Illinois and Indiana back into Eastern Time and a sunset arrival at Stormy & Dave’s just N. of Cincinnati¬† in Ohio.

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