Monday, February 13, 2006

Ambiana- Week 5 & Gaelen's 1st Visit to Our House

Hard to believe its only been 5 weeks. It seems Ambiana has been with us forever! This week she made her first visit to the Library as well as her 1st car trip which took her to her 1st ContraDance (see the video for footage of this wonderful event!) She is getting more vocal, is sitting up propped in the corner of the couch, is lifting her head during tummy time and is enjoying being carried in the Snuggly given to us by Colleen's friend Stormy!

Click on Play to see highlights of Ambiana's 5th week!

Gaelen visited our home for the very 1st time on Sunday as Molly and I implemented the new visitation schedule. Gaelen will be coming to our house every other Sunday from 9am to 5pm. On this 1st visit Molly and John accompanied him and it was wonderful to have us all at our house. Hopefully we are turning the page and will begin to develop a healthy, nurturing relationship for all. Gaelen seemed to really enjoy himself. He loved Dolphin Boy that Colleen made for him and was excited about the treehouse in the backyard. It was snowing Sunday and we went ourside via the secret basement trapdoor and made snow people. I also got to read Gaelen a story and take a nap with him which I haven't done since the summer of '04 in Ohio. We read "Make Way for the Ducklings" and I told him the Public Garden and the Swanboats were real things and that one day we would go there and ride the Swanboat and feed the ducklings! to save the Earth!

Click on Play to view footage of Gaelen's 1st visit to our home in South Hadley Falls!!!