Monday, July 03, 2006

Ambiana- 25 weeks

Ambiana is all hands, she grabs everything within reach which is quite amusing especially at the supermarket. She's already knocked over daddy's bowl of cereal and pulled a lamp off the table while we were eating din-din. She loves to grab and crinkle up newspapers and magazines. We put her on the floor on her back and lickity split she's rolled on her tummy! She is also sitting up with assistance; we place her sitting and she stays up for quite awhile before toppling over but not before reaching for her toes or bending forward far enough to booby the ground. She is still a booby-monster and boobies everything in sight. A typical day with Daddy while Mommy is at work usually includes a walk to the river; she loves to look at the rushing water, then a short walk to the library and back home for tummy time and play time. If Daddy needs to do some work she is happy for about 20 minutes in her Bouncy-Bounce before needing a change of scenery. When she gets fussy we have a bottle, she is quite good at holding it herself and loves to babble at it between sucks. Sometimes she falls asleep on our walks, I have only been successful a few times keeping her asleep once we get home, the lack of motion wakes her up but if she is really tired I can sing her back to sleep. She's only had a couple complete meltdowns while Mommy is away, usually because she is overtired and won't fall asleep, all I can do then is soothe her as best I can, the mirror in the bathroom is good for this, she loves to look at herself and smile!!!!

Click Play for highlights of week 25 with Ambiana

Last night being July 3rd there were lots of loud obnoxious fireworks going off all around, I don't care for the Independance Day holiday considering our track record with the Native inhabitants of this land (genocide and marginalization) and our current hand in warfare & murder in the present day. Fireworks are nothing but a glorification of warfare and that is nothing to celebrate . Mother Nature chased all the revellers away around midnight with a terrific display of her mighty power embodied by a house shaking thunderstorm and deluge.

We leave 2morrow evening for a the 2nd of 3 trips this year to Chicago. We are going so Colleen can attend Debbie's Bridal Shower. I will be attending a White Sox/Red Sox game while Colleen and Ambiana are at the shower. We are also going to meet Colleen's birth-mother and her new-to-her brother and sister! Needless to say we are super-duper-duper excited. We are going to stop in NY also and visit the Scahill's on our way West!

Poppa came to visit on his way to Boston to fly out with Momma to Ireland for Chuck's Phd gradutation from Trinity in Dublin. We took him to Old Deerfield Village (not so exciting, just alot of old homes and artifacts but they do treat the Native inhabitants of the Connecticut River Valley with respect, albeit 300 years too late) We then went swimming at the Glacial Potholes at Shelburne Falls and attended a potluck/contra dance in Greenfield.

Join us for our Day with Grandpa!

Gaelen on July 2nd spent his very 1st Overnight with us! We were overjoyed that Molly has allowed this to happen. I picked him up at 4pm on a very hot and humid Saturday. We made pizza for dinner and played in the sprinkler in the backyard while it was baking. After dinner we went down to the river and built a sunset fire and made a fort. We then had a super fun shower-bath squirting each other with the yellow duckies. We read some books together and then stayed late up on the couch reading our own books. Gaelen fell asleep on the couch around 10pm and stayed there all night, it was so sweet to watch him sleep! He was up at 6am, we made pancakes at 7am and at 8am we all were off to Puffer's Pond in Amherst for a morning swim, a walk around the pond and an exploration of the waterfall. Back home we made lunch and then went back down to the river and over to the playground. Gaelen amused Ambiana by jumping over and rolling off the couch. She loves her big brother, is all eyes for him and squeals with delight at his antics! We wrapped up the day with more sprinkler action and by playing some games on the Red Sox Listening Porch. I had to have him back by 4pm and he slept the whole way back to Housatonic. Gaelen is off to Ohio for a week with his mother and sister to visit his Grandma. We will be in Chicago next Sunday so no visit :( but we will see him again on the 16th of July and on the 23rd of July we will spend the day together at the FALCON RIDGE FOLK FESTIVAL

Click Play to see Gaelen's 1st night with us!

Building the Canoe

Pop's brought the orbital sander but it wasn't much help, the canoe requires the attention that only hand sanding can bring. I have used 3 pounds of wood filler to smooth out the surface. I am debating whether or not to put the sealing coat of epoxy on today or wait until we get back...probably will wait till we get back so once I begin with the epoxy I can continue on thru till it is fiberglassed. I have begun to question my calculations that the canoe will fit through the stairs up out of the basement. (you can see the stairs in the back of the picture). Last night I stapled some planks together simulating the length and width of the canoe and tied strings to the bow and stern ends dangling the height of the canoe and made a practice run...its gonna be close!!!! Hopefully I won't have to bust out the top step of the stairs and make my next project a cement one...either way the canoe will be out of the basement come sometime in August.