Monday, December 05, 2005

34.5 weeks

Colleen at 34.5 weeks, in another week and a half the baby could come at any time. I am thinking maybe the gemini Full Moon on december 15th :) We had an active weekend, going for a walk around the Connecticut River OxBow and then to our Midwife's yurt for a screening of a film entitled "What Babies Want" with other pregnant couples. Then it was up to Greenfield MA for a Saturday night Contradance with Wild Asparagus. For those of you who still do not have a clue as to what contra dance is check out this video of Colleen dancing in AK back in February pre-babybelly :)

Click Play Button to start video :)

On Sunday we had our usual 2 hours with Gaelen. We spent it again at the Berkshire Community Center. Here Colleen and Gaelen assemble the "MouseTrap", it was missing some pieces but Gaelen came up with his own design modifications and we trapped both Mice and Men. :) 2 hours with Gaelen is so not enough. Molly and I are now in counseling in hopes of working things out without having to go to trial.

Click on the Play Button to see footage of Gaelen from this Sunday's visit