Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Colleen, Ambiana and I headed into Boston on Christmas eve to spend the HolyDays with my Mom, Katie, Bob and Maya and Chuck and his gal Eaodin who were across the pond from Dublin. We met them at Doyle's in Jamaica Plain to hoist a pint of Holyday Cheer.

Before we met them we ran a 4 mile Winter Fun Run in Abington. It was another small little running group weekly run. We actually entered this time and got numbers! You can see our results by clicking here.

This dog ran the race as well and Ambiana got to know him before the start.

Xmas was a low key affair. Bob was sick so the holiday meal at Katie's on Saturday was canceled and they ended up canceling their trip to Texas as well. Since they were not planning on being home there was no tree at their house and with the lack of snow it was the most un-christmassy xmas ever, not that I am complaining mind you for as a pagan it is the beginning of the yang/dayforce ascendancy that matters and nothing can stop that. We celebrated the soulstice over a 3 day period and beyond by making this xmas trip an extended soulstice celebration. (you can read about it by clicking here) While Katie, Bob and Maya celebrated a webcam xmas morning with Bob's parents in Texas via the I-Chat program on their Macintosh computer we honored the rising day by running around the pond in Franklin Park, This time I made sure Colleen knew the route and stayed just in front of her the whole way so she would make no wrong turns. It was a beautiful sunny morning and it was good to run.

We then headed over to Mom's where Chuck and Eaodin were and had breakfast with them in the cafe in my Mom's building. After eats we took a stroll through the Public Gardens and the Commons and back by way of the Esplanade. Back upstairs we opened gifts (the customary book from Momma) and wiled away the day before heading West at 5pm to a Christmas Contra at the Powder Mill Barn in Enfield Connecticut. It was our first time dancing here and it was nice, lots of familiar faces but not crowded and a nice old rustic barn to dance in with lots of goodies to snack on.

Join us in Boston for the HolyDays