Sunday, October 16, 2005

Sunday with Gaelen

Today we took Gaelen on a hike up a "mountain." It was a beautiful hike thru the golden woods. I carried him on my shoulders the last 1/3rd of the hike so we could make it to the tower on the top where we took in the beautiful view.
photo by moch

"Gaelen Eats a Snack!"

Click below for short clip of the 3 of us atop the Berkshires :)

Colleen and the sunset :)
photo by moch

The raging waterfall...its "normally" a dry drab concrete can see the car on the bridge, all weekend cars would stop and people would gape at the rushing waters...
photo by moch

Colleen looking for more pumpkins!
photo by moch

We found this pumpkin on the flood waters...there were literally hundreds floating on the river...
photo by moch

South Hadley leaves....during the big rains of the last week the leaves turned.
photo by moch

A short film

Watch Gaelen and Moch play in Massachusetts :)

Welcome to our Blog!

Hello friends and family and welcome to the blog of our continuing adventures. Colleen and I have settled in South Hadley Massachusetts to be near my son Gaelen and to prepare for the birth of our child in January. Please visit us here often to see pictures and video from our lives and times with Gaelen, our growing baby and all the fun stuff we do here in the Conneticut River Valley ! :)