Monday, May 08, 2006

Ambiana- 17 weeks

17 weeks! Can u believe it? Such a big girrl, and her little red hair is gettin longer. She loves being in the Snugli checkin things out as we walk to the library, around the supermarkets and ridin the bus. Today we went to Home Depot for tools for the Canoe, up the hill to the bus stop and then a short ride down rt 33! I love being a househusband with my little sweetie! This weekend the island across the river from us was full up with fishermen and kids. There were 7 tents out there when i paddled over to say hello. On a sad note some careless fire builders torched the big pile of driftwood within which was my secret wood cave special spot, now its just a big pile of charred logs. I'm surprised the whole island didnt go up in flames. I am afraid to go back over and see what piles of trash these folks left behind, maybe they'll surprise me. The little wood across from our house is in full bloom, all the leaves came out within the last two weeks and the paths I made are golden with little blooms dropped from the trees. it s a nice metamorphosis from the tangles of deadwood and brambles and litter that was there when we moved in. We had a nice sunset fire on Sunday too at the little firecircle we made. Amy, a friend of Colleen's from Columbus is visiting us this week, we took her to a may Day contra and potluck in Montague at their cute old grange hall! Her calves are sore now :) Next week at this time we'll be gettin ready to head West!

Check out our paddlin' on the river in front of our house!

I drove my truck to Great Barrington for my visit with Gaelen and we spent practically the whole time in it! His Grandma is in town to meet his new sister and her new grandaughter, Eden Laurel Mast-Lipppman, and she dropped him off at the playground. We played a bit outside but it was way more fun to hang out in our Secret Hideout. Gaelen told me when he is older he wants a truck just like mine and some help making the curtains and putting the stars on the inside roof! That is if he does not have enough $$$ for a convertable!

Come join us is in our...

Building the canoe...

I found a squeezy bottle and began to glue the planks to the mold. I am using 2 books as my guides to building this canoe. One is for the pro woodworker who wants his canoe to be a work of art, the other is by a High School shop teacher who builds durable canoes without a lot of fussiness to details. I combined data from both books to make my moulds and somehwere along the line messed something up as I discovered when I went to lay the 1st plank on the molds.

I had to jury rig extensions and spacers and then improvise and experiment with gluing and stapling techniques to get the planks to line up. At 1st I was a bit discouraged then discovered that half the fun is making it work despite the inherent errors in my molds. I have 6 strips in place on each side of the canoe. Ambiana and I today bought a coping saw to trim the ends and some more C-clamps to keep the planks in line while the glue sets.

I love my time spent in the basement with the trap door open and the sunlight filtering in as I listen to Red Sox Baseball or some rock and roll & work away toward the day when we can paddle as a family across to the island and set up camp for the night with the other fisherfolk; though by the time I am done (I am thinking July) the fish will be gone along with the fishermen.