Monday, June 05, 2006

Ambiana- 21 weeks

Ambiana is glad to be back home as are we though 12 days is hardly a roadtrip, more like a long weekend. I have been living in the same house for longer than 10 months for the 1st time since I left home for i settled? hell no just camping indoors for awhile doin research on what makes Americans so INsaNe. (TV, Big HDTV TV's, colors in food, processed food, no open space, living amidst so much litter and in high concentrations of population just to name a few of the things...) We went to Boston this past weekend to visit Debbie and Aaron who just moved to Somerville and to celebrate Katie and me's days of birth. We spent Friday night and the next day at Katie and Bob's; Momma came over and I am happy to say we did NOT break any of her bones this time. Momma gave me back my 1986 Red Sox World Series pennant for our Red Sox Listening Porch plus lots of pictures of Red Sox players she's been cuttin out from the Globe. I alsoreceived a Red Sox World Series Edition of Monopoly. Katie gave me Tom's of Maine Gingermint toothpaste! Katie got a bikeseat for Maya and of course we got the requisite books. I honored Mom for her birthing of us by giving (or rather passing on to...) her Stepehn King's most recent novel "CELL" and one of the Red Sox porch pillows that Colleen made for me. We even got in a game of Scrabble and Bob trounced us with not 1 but 2 fifty point 7 letter bonuses. (He was practicing on-line all morning for the upcoming game:)

Check out our trip to Boston!

Our sweetie is at her sweetest just before bedtime!!!

Gaelen was over Sunday for the day; he has a mysterious rash that itches like craZY plus he banged his head 3 different times (which meant he got 3 cookies, i am such a easy mark, at least the cookies were Colleen's low-sugar-good-4-u-cookies) Colleen picked up a puppet theatre tent at a freecycle garage giveaway and we played in that in the AM. Lunch was a yummy soup which Gaelen didn't find so yummy. Molly says at home dinner is a non-stop bartering session of "how-many-bites-now?" He took one spoonful of soup, declared he didn't like it and had a raspberry jelly sandwich.

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Ambiana really liked watching Gaelen and me wrestle and when we put her in the bungy-bouncer Gaelen was a good big bro helping her to bounce-bounce-bounce. After nap/storytime Gaelen and I headed out to the river which was high 'cause of all the rain. Gaelen noticed that our special spots to sit were underwater and wasted no time finding us new special spots from which to watch the current race by and the falls thunder upstream. Tossing sticks we learned practical lessons about fluid hydrolics and surveying all the trash left behind by the shad and striper fishermen we re-affirmed our beilef in the No Littering way of life. When I dropped Gaelen back off at home he went right to work picking up the trash on the playground. Before we left South Hadley though Gaelen gave me and Colleen a puppet show involving a cow and a horse before transforming the theatre tent into a part of his giant fish & merman body and swimmin' off thru the house.

Building the Canoe!

I have crossed the line from horizontal to vertical with the planking and am now having to cut the plank-ends to fit them seamlessly down the keel line. Last night the Yankees' were trouncing the Sox so I put on "Into the Wild" and listened to the tale of Chris McCandless who starved to death on the Stampede trail West of Healy AK in 1992. He had the right intentions, just not the attention to detail when out collecting plants to eat. He did make a sweet canoe trip down the Colorado River and into the Sea of Cortez. Once the planking is done I sand the canoe and then fiberglass her. It's gonna be tricky gettin her out of the basement and into the garage for the fiberglassing; I measured the stairs already and should have enough room so I don't repeat the mistake my father made when he was building the mirror dinghy in the basement of MCO and couldn't get her out the door. The worst case scenerio is taking a pick-ax to the concrete steps to create more space (my next project then will be concrete step making;)