Sunday, December 18, 2005

36.5 Weeks and a Visit From Katie & Maya

36.5 weeks, the baby dropped this past week and is now engaged in Colleen's pelvis. I liken this to the rocket has been moved to the launching pad and is now ready for take-off!! Saturday was a beautiful day and we hiked up the snow covered slopes of Mt. Pollux (named after one of the bright stars in Gemini!)

On our Sunday with Gaelen we went to the Pool at the Berkshire Community Center and had a rip-roarin' good time a'splishin' an a'splashin in the water with the yellow noodles.

Gaelen tried on the mask and snorkel....

...and we were joined by Katie and Maya who came to visit us this weekend!

A Hike Up Mt. Pollux & Pool Time with Gaelen & Maya

A short film by Mochi of our weekend :)
Click on Play Button to view :)