Monday, February 27, 2006

Ambiana- Week 7

49 days...her picture this week is upon a portion of the quilt Colleen is making from your Squares. We are waiting on some ultra-slackers to get in 3 more squares so she can finish it up so if you are sitting on a Square get one in. If you think you can create a square and get it to us within a week let us know and we'll tell you what you need to know to make one. we took Ambiana up to Greenfield for a contra on Saturday. her 2nd dance and with AirDance, Mommy's favorite band. She loved it and everyone loved her. We saw our contra buddies dan and brian who have moved to Amherst from Illinois. We met them in 2004 at a dance in Indianapolis and have seen them everywhere (except Alaska) since then!

To see Ambiana & Daddy dancin' and get a glimpse of Granny with her Grandaughter Click Play :)

Grammy gets a smile!

Gaelen was sick all week so we only had a short visit on Sunday...Pancakes and some mellow time at the gym. He brought his Furby and his Sqwishy toy to show me. Next Sunday he comes to our house!!!!

Can Gaelen get Furby 2 sing? To find out Click Play

Me and my Boos. I bought my 1st box of Boo Berry last week in 20 years. I grew up on Count Chocula and Boo Berry was a special treat. The1st time I got drunk I ate lasagna and Boo Berry and my puke was bright red with purple globs in it. I snuck this box in under the lettuce in the shopping basket and Colleen had kanipshits when she saw the teller scan it on through. I so wish it did not have RED 40 and BLUES 1&2 in it because it is still super yummy. I am gonna make the box last as long as i can. Its my special yummy treat! I took this photo for the Unofficial BooBerry website