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Saturday, September 6, 2008


After 371 days on our Big Adventure and 14,141 miles in our car since returning from Hawai'i in April we have found our new home! It is a 2 bedroom trailer on the 240 acres of Missing Bridge Farm in Worcester Vermont about 12 miles North of Montpelier. We rent from a wonderful woman named Tarin and her son Daniel and his 10 year old daughter Flora live across the road (rt 12) in a big old farm house. We have a big meadow out front, a brook out back and across the brook another meadow and pond all backed up by a wooded mountain with miles of old logging trails. There is ample garden space and a beautiful view of mountains to our West. We are very happy.

Our new Address is:

735 Elmore Rd
Worcester VT 05682

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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Back in Vermont

We spent Sunday night at Gaelen's and left early Monday and drove the 3 hours to Plainfield Vermont to look at an apartment. It was nice, a bit small but with a nice backyard leading down to a creek with garden space. The rent is a bit high ($900/month) and it is not ready yet to move into. We spent the next couple of nights in the Groton State Forest and our days at the library, applying for jobs and looking at an $800/month apartment in Montpelier from which we can walk everywhere. The drawback...no yard and pretty urban.

We looked at a place today north of Montpelier that we really like, it's a trailer but its nestled in a beautful valley and has lots of garden space and a forested mountain in the backyard with lots of trails...We are sleeping on it, the rent is right $655/month. We ate dinner at a community potluck corn roast at the local elementary school before tenting for what may be our last night in the Groton State Forest.