Columbus Ohio

Visiting Colleen & Michael

On Friday we drove from Cleveland to Columbus to visit Colleen and Michael. We haven’t seen them since they visited us in Vt in June of 2012.

The first thing we did on Saturday was get ICE CREAM at Jeni’s, opting to try Colleen Sharkey’s favorite parlour rather than going to Graeter’s Ice Cream. The flavours were exotice, the ice cream delicious, Jakobi here is enjoying Goat Cheese & Cherries!

The girls share a lick!

After ice cream we took a walk at High Banks Metro Park!

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Cleveland, Ohio


We arrived in Cleveland on Wednesday the 27th and stayed with my cousin Kim and celebrated Thanksgiving at her sister Beth’s house in Avon Ohio. ¬†Attending were my Dad’s Brother Uncle Dick and his wife Aunt Elaine, my Dad’s sister Aunt Julie and her husband Uncle John and Km and Beth’s families and my sister Patti. I woke up at 7:30am on Thursday morning and ran a 5K Turkey Trot in Avon in the snow and slush. It was packed, 1300 runners and I ran a 22:42 finishing 89th overall and 9th out of 68 in my age group. You can see those results here.

Thanks to Bethany for these lovely photos!

Cousin’s Beth and Kim

Sister Patti and Uncle Dick.

Aunt Julie & Aunt Elaine

Mochi, Dick and Julie.

Kim’s ¬†son Zak, 19

The Cousins’ Kids

The kids all had a great time together spending most of the time in the basement having a rock out dance party no adults invited, They were hope late both Wednesday and Thursday night and had to be dragged apart to get them home. Their joy at playing with each other was the holiday highlight.

Ambiana & Jakobi, Lucy & Sam, Avery & Kendalyn

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