Sunday, January 08, 2006

Baby coming

39.5 weeks with the water broken !

4:11am- Colleen's water broke. She is on the phone with the midwife. We are going back to bed to rest up. Please no phonecalls. Send us positive energy for our baby's emergence. We will call when we are ready. Stay tuned here for updates :)

8:54am- Colleen is having contractions pretty regularly. We are in touch with the midwife who is ready to come once Colleen requests her. The criteria is when the contractions get stronger. I think Colleen has been in the 1st stage of labor for a few days now. During that time she had regular cramps which we were told is the cervix dialating. Colleen being the big toughie she is just shrugs off the contractions and goes about her morning (She's already done the dishes and made breakfast) Because we are doing this at home there is no anxiety about "oh my dio we need to get to the hospital" Colleen is calm, expectant and looking forward to the birth process as she once looked upon the challenge of running a marathon. Have a great morning everyone! It is gently snowing here. The moon moved into Taurus overnight so it looks like our little one will have the fertile earthy moon of spring (possibly conjunct Mars also in Taurus) to go along with his/her wise old Capricorn Sun...

3:41pm- We took a walk before noon around the block when the sun came out and Colleen had a few big contractions so we came right home and are hanging here. Colleen is sitting on the big silver ball and breathing through the contractions. She doesn't think they are big enough to warrent beth (our midwife) to be here but just to be sure we asked her to come anyway. Amniotic fluid continues to leak out and Colleen can definately feel the head descending but no big action yet...once beth gets here we'll order pizza and play scrabble with breaks for the contractions until it's time to push. :)

Colleen on her Silver Ball during a break from contrACTIONS!

6:39pm- the midwives came around 5pm and brought the hose to fill the tub along with the rest of their gear. They asked Colleen about her contractions and the frequency and determined that we are still in early labor. Gillian, one of the midwives, told us she didn't give birth till 4 days after her water broke. (She didn't have a contraction for 3 days either so we are not too qworried we will go that long) As it is we sent the midwives home just now until labor progresses and the contractions are 60-90 seconds long and happening every 5-10 minutes...could be midnight, could be 4pm tomorrow. So we are going to go on with our Sunday, I just baked a lasagna and we have some bread I made on Friday and we are gonna eat, Colleen is working on the quilt (We need 2 more squares so any slackers out there- Get your quilt square in the mail NOW!)

Beth, a blurry Gillian and Jenn (Our Midwives) support Colleen during one of her contrACTIONS

9:35pm- The contrACTIONS are now almost a minute long and averaging about 5-9 minutes apart. Colleen figures she has run 12 miles of her marathon with the hardest part yet to come. She doesn't think it is time to call the midwives yet and I am letting her make that call. We have the hose here now so we can fill the tub when the time comes and the midwives are only 20 minutes away. Sleep is out of the question in the conventional sense, Colleen is going to catnap on the ball with her head on the couch while I couch potato beside her to time contractions and offer suport and encouragement. The lasagna was YUM and we've watched our nightly Star Trek episode, now its cuddle time until the baby comes...

1:17am- The contrACTIONS are now 60-90 seconds long and occurring regularly every 4-6 minutes. Colleen is in the tub and the midwives are back. If the baby is born before 3:45am (and the midwives say s/he will be) then s/he will be a Scorpio rising with a Taurus Moon and a Capriorn sun. Colleen says now she's run 18 miles of the marathon and is bearing up well, getting vocal during the contrACTIONS as the Universe moves through her into yet another manifestation of being...

5:49am- After 4 hours 29 minutes in the tub and such screams as I had never heard b4 from Colleen "she" was born. Amazing aquatic emergence of life and love.