Monday, January 01, 2007

Your Invitation

You are all invited to a celebration of Ambiana's emergence from Colleen and the completion of her first solar orbit. We can not believe she has turned the Wheel of the Year with us already, it seems like just yesterday she was a wee little thing who made soft sweet noises and could do no more than lay there, eat sleep, smile and poo. Now from the moment she wakes up she is go going gone, off the bed, bounce on the ball, look at some books. Upon waking this morning she crawled over mommy and daddy to the edge of the bed where the radio is and "uh'd" us to turn it on and when the music poured forth she rocked out her little head just like daddy rocked the house in Noho last night on New Calendar Year's Eve. (more on that later)

We are having the celebration on Saturday the 13th of January at noon at our house, come on over and celebrate with us but please don't bring a gift as in our pagan celebration of the birth of a child it is us who will be presenting the gifts, just as we brought forth the gift that is our daughter Ambiana Snow. Hope to see you there.

See our soon 2b 1 year old in action!!!

I went out alone last night to rock out. Not counting contra and living room jams I have not rocked out to a band in over a year (In fact it was last year, same place same time, same band) Well almost the same band, this year Mark Mulcahy had a different drummer and playing Bass was Mr Ray Neal who was the nucleus of Miracle Legion with Mark in the 80's and 90's. I hadn't been out alone in soooo long it was weird. Making it weirder was the club, not crowded and the people content to sit and drink and talk and applaud loudly after each song. I sat through the first two (they were slow and without my lovey to smolder with it was best I sit them out)

But the 3rd song rocked and I leaped out on the dance floor and worked all the kinks out of my body. I'm sure some people thought I was a freak; until I got the kinks out I'm sure I was dancing like a freak but when my booty caught up with the groove and swept me along symbiosis was achieved between music and man and I owned the place. The only thing better than a jam-packed rocking dance floor is one that is empty when a band is exploring the heights of ecstasy and I have room to rage. But still it would have been nice if the music and I could've pried some of those booties out of their seats and onto the dancefloor. Especially fun to dance to was an awesome cover of Pink Floyd's "Us and Them." The band included David something or other who can rock a sax, a flute and a clarinet like no other and his sax during this song was divine.

After the show a guy named Allen introduced himself and said he appreciated the dancing and wished he could get over his self-consciousness and do the same. I advised him to dance a lot when he is by himself so he can become comfortable with his dancing and not care what a bunch of non-dancing folk think of him, guaranteeing him that most would wish they could get up and dance with him. We traded Miracle Legion stories, he wrote Mark a letter a long time ago and they have been friends ever since. He introduced me to Mr Ray who was impressed I had seen Miralce Legion open for the Replacement's at the Channel in Boston in 1987. Allen also introduced me to Mark and after I got through telling him how big a fan I was we talked about our 11 month old daughters. He has twin girls. Our conversation was interrupted before I could ask him if he wanted to start a father's group...such a groupie aren't I?

It was a fun rock out but I can't tell you how much I miss the dancefloor days at Max's with the Photon Band, Gangly Moose, Clark County, even the Soul Searchers. Alaska rocks like no other place in America. (and it snows there in Winter :( have i mentioned its raining again here?

We are all getting new passports in anticipation of our Autumn Adventure. Colleen's and mine are expiring and Ambiana is getting her very 1st one!Our thoughts have turned from Scandinavia where it would also be Autumn when we make our trip to Fiji, New Zealand and Hawai'i where it will be Spring and warm!. We are looking into being willing workers on an organic farm; room and board in exchange for work on the farm. So today we took passport photos!!! Walgreens wanted $7.99 for 2 passport pics so I took the pictures myself and Photoshopped them onto one 4x6 and we got all our passport photos for 29 cents saving $23.68 :)

Canoe Update

I will get the canoe in the water this year (: 2007, i do like the odd years best :) I have varnished the seats and the thwart and have even screwed the thwart into place plus drilled holes in both decks to accommodate a rope. We even almost took her out for a test paddle when Gaelen was here last but it was spittin' rain so we went to the library instead. I am currently awaiting the opportune moment (temps above 50 degrees or an empty house) to apply another coat of varnish to the seats before I begin caning. I ordered the cane online from a shop in Connecticut. You can see it plus the pegs, awl and binding cane in the picture. Yesterday at the Holyoke Flea Market I came across a chair caning booth with an old man caning away at a chair. I spoke with him for a bit, told him I was going to be caning some canoe seats soon. I'm sure I will be re-visiting him for tips once I begin to cane the seats.