Monday, January 15, 2007

A VeryBarfyBirthdayParty

Ambiana got a stomach bug on Thursday night, had a fever (which we brought down by placing cool slices of potato in her socks to draw the heat down and out) and threw up. She seemed her usual self on Friday until nighttime when her fever returned as well as some throwing up. (this time we used cloth soaked in egg whites in her socks to draw the fever out- the potato works better)We hoped she would bounce back like she did on Friday so we went ahead with the party.

Colleen's Dad Jim and Katie's hubby Bob

Colleen's Dad flew in on Friday night and on Saturday Katie, Bob, Maya and my Mom, Molly, Gaelen and Eden and Debbi, Aaron and Dudley joined us. Ambiana was out of it, cranky and tired and weepy and Colleen held her the whole day (3 whole days actually) and the party is a blur, we were both so attuned to Ambiana's condition, making sure her needs were met that all our rituals and celebrations were half-assed. Colleen told her birth story while bouncing a cranky Ambiana on her lap, everyone pitched in a memory or thought and I lit the tree ring candles; one for Ambiana and one for Gaelen since we hadn't invented this ritual on his 5th birthday and then we sang the Birthday Song, a round to the tune of "The Farmer In the Dell"

We celebrate your birth
We celebrate your birth

Ambiana Snow Glavin
We celebrate your birth

which is also our bouncing on the ball song

We're bouncing on the ball
We're bouncing on the ball

Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy
We're Bouncing on the Ball

Of course this is Ambiana's favorite song and to comfort her during her sickness Colleen has been bouncing on the ball non-stop, so when she heard this tune and the two sides of the room singing it in rounds she perked right up and bounced along. This was the highlight of the whole party :)

Gaelen painted a birthday picture for Ambiana and Debbie and Aaron gave us/her a framed picture of Colleen and Ambiana taken by their wedding photographer at their wedding. We realize that gift giving is ingrained in our culture and recognize the intent behind the gift and are grateful for it. We open the gifts as they are given to us but do not include an "Opening the Presents!!" as an integral part of our celebration of birth.

Gaelen snoozin' on Sunday afternoon

It was nice to have everyone in our home, we just wished Ambiana could have been well enough to enjoy them as well. My Mom became nauseous during the party and barfed as well and Gaelen who spent the night woke up with a tummy hurting at 2 am and again at 4am when he too threw up. Along with lasagna and calzones did we have stomach bugs on the menu? Should we have canceled? or is it good for us to be exposed to such things so our immunity can build up??? Ambiana is doing fine, no vomiting in 24 hours, no fever, and laughter this morning as well as some tears as she is fatigued from her first real immunity building session.

Most of our guests received a framed 8x10 photo-montage of Ambiana and a soft fabric ball handmade by Colleen. (Seen below with some hand-crafted bags she made for the kids in her Mom's Group which meets every Tuesday.)

a bitty bit of 'biana :)(notbarfing)

Here is my friend Denise Besanko (now Mrs. Burtlaff:) and her husband Jack. They are moving back to Cleveland which is nice for us because we can stop and visit them when we drive to Toledo or Chicago or anywhere else west. They have 3 boys and the youngest Owen, pictured below was born this past July!

Canoe Update

I spent the past 2 weekend nights weaving the seat cane and all i need to do now is mount them and the canoe, save a coat of varnish is done! (Colleen still has to sew the border on her quilt!) The weaving did not take as long nor was as difficult as i had imagined. It consisted of 7 steps. The first step was to lay down vertical rows from back to front; down through the hole and up the one to the right and back and so forth skipping holes on the side rails to keep the strands aligned.

Step two was to lay horizontal strands over the vertical strands back to front just like the vertical strands.

Step three was to lay down another set of vertical strands over the horizontal strands. Step four (top right corner pic) is where the weaving began. The 2nd layer of horizontal strands had to go over the top strands and under the bottom strands. This was the most time-consuming part of the whole process. Step five was to weave the first diagonal strands. Over the vertical strands and under the horizontal strands.

The top left pic is a close up of step five and the top right pic shows step five halfway done. Step 6 was weaving the 2nd vertical strands; this time over the horizontals and under the vertical strands. The lower left pic is Step six complete. Step seven was to bind the strands by laying down a piece of thicker cane over the holes and then bringing a strand of regular cane up and over and back down through the same hole the length of each rail. You can see a close up of Step six and Step seven in the lower right pic.

Here is a completed seat. Next i figure out where to mount them, drill four holes in the corners of each seat, 8 holes in the inwales and hang them on machine bolts with a pvc spacer to keep them in place then a'canoing we will go...:)