Thursday, July 19, 2007

Fenway Park and the FrogPond


Tony and Beth came to town for a Widespread Panic Show and to visit and they treated Mamma, Gaelen and me to a Red Sox game. We got tickets for the Right Field Rooftop tables which included food and drink in the ticket price. Gaelen and me made the signs and we paraded to the game down Boylston St and through the Fens. Our seats were wonderful with a beautiful sun and moonset view overlooking right field! It was a lot of fun but the Sox lost 9-3, the highlight was an 8th inning triple by Coco Crisp.

Gaelen stayed awake and aware the whole game, knew exactly where to look for the count and outs and score and was instrumental in leading us in the waving of our signs between innings.

Beth and Tony flew in from Chicago where they caught a game at Wrigley Field on Sunday. Gaelen LOVED Beth's Star Wars Shirt!!!

#7 and Momma

Uncle Garp and G-man after the game with the Big Red Hand

To the Frog Pond!!!

The day after the game Colleen and Yaya met us downtown where Gaelen and I spent the night at Gamma's. We walked to the Public Garden to meet up with Tony, Beth and Gamma at the Swan Boats but they overslept. Having no cellphone we found a rock and scratched a message onto the pavement where we were s'posed to meet telling them we were at the Frog Pond.

Gamma was the one who noticed the message and they met us at the Tadpole Playground for a brief visit before we had to head West so I could teach MSWord to 2 Octogenarians.

Join us at Fenway and at the Frog Pond!!!