Sunday, October 28, 2007

Red Sox up 3-0 in Series

We landed in NZ at 12pm and because of daylight savings time the Game does not begin till 1:30pm NZ Time. After clearing customs I enquired about where I was most likely to be able to watch the World Series and was directed to downtown Christchurch and the Holy Grail, conveniently located on the bus route from the airport and near where we needed to catch the bus to Clinton later that evening. When we got there (in time for the 1st pitch, I was overjoyed to find not only was the game on BUT it was on a 30 foot screen!!! I was breathless to say the least, it has been since Game 3 of the Division Series in California since I have seen a game, wow , adream come true and No I did not Plan it this way, Fate and the Sox and Myself are all intertwined!!! We bought a yum pizza and quaffed some brews, Colleen and yaya went for a walk around town while I settled in and was thrilled to see the Sox take a 6-0 lead. The Rockies hit themselves back into it on a Matt Holliday homer off of okajima but the Sox came right back on clutch hits by Coco, Jacoby (4-5) and Dustin Pedroia and were ahead 9-5 when we had to run to catch the bust to Clinton!

Dice K pitched well enough to win and had the hit of the game with a 2 run single in the third!!!