Thursday, June 7, 2007

GAME 59: RED SOX vs. A's

Gaelen, Ambiana and I listened to this one in the afternoon out on the Red Sox Porch. Big Papi got it off to a good start with his 11th home run of the year! Yippeee!

But the real story was Schilling who pitched a no hitter for 8 2/3rd innings. Only an error by Lugo and a 2 out hit in the bottom of the 9th separated him from a perfect game. Again the offense, except for Ortiz, didn't show up but his 1 run homer was enough. It would have been nice to have a no hitter for Curt but we'll take the win to end the 4 game losing streak

RED SOX 1 A's 0

GAME 58: RED SOX vs. A's

I only listened to the begionning of this one, enough to hear them hit into another double play in the 2nd and strand 2 runners in the 1st. Then the Pine Leaf Boys and Providence arrived and we went don to the river and built a fire and drank some beers and visited with them. We met Prov in Alaska 2 years ago and she recently moved to Louisiana to be with Wilson, the singer/accordion player with the Pine Leaf Boys. By the time we were done with the fire, the boys tucked in and me back on the Porch the game was over. Wake pitched well but got no support or so I surmised from the post-game call in show. I'm not too worried, this is typical Red Sox, we should be happy we had such a great May and April and now have a cushion to ease us as we falter.

RED SOX 2 A's 3