Monday, October 29, 2007

2007 World Series Champions

We arrived in Clinton at 1am and camped out at the playground. In the morning I scoped out the tiny town and found a pub, it didn't open til 2pm (game time 1:30pm) but it had a big TV and I hoped it would have Sky Sports which was broadcastng the Series. I couldn't leave Colleen and Ambiana to meet out WWOOFing host alone so I was greatful for yesterdays gift of a game to watch and we headed to the farm with hopes of a day of rest so i could high tail it back to the Pub. Alas we we were put right to wrok fertilizing a field and such but we were let go at 4:30pm and i RAN right to the Pub which was empty save for the barkeep but on the Screen was the World Series with Paplebon on the mound, bottom of the 8th and the Red Sox ahead 4-3. I ordered a pint and watched Pap finish the 8th with a long fly ball to Coco and then the Sox went down 1-2-3 and there was Pap on the mound and 3 outs standing between us and another World Series Cahmpionship only 3 YEARS from the last one!!! Can You Believe it! The broadcast was not Fox but rather a ESPN production and Dave O'Brien one of the 3 Red Sox Radio Announcers was doing the play-by-play which took me back to the Red Sox Porch and all those games this summer and Spring. Ground ball to Short...One out. What a great season and what an odessey this fall catching games on the internet and at tony's house and Uncle Mikes in California...Deep fly to Jacoby in left....2 outs...and now i am in Clinton New Zealand, 5pm on a Monday afternoon 12,000 miles from Fenway and alone in a pub..fastball, swin and a miss, stike 3, Varitek is on his way to the mound, OUT #3! The red Sox are the 2007 WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS CAN YOU BELIEVE IT. I pump my fist in the silence my heart swelling and sit and watch the celebration as I finish my beer.

Jacoby Ellsbury is my MVP but Mike Lowell is the Veteran and he was clutch ALl Season long and he deserves it. Whatta season!!!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Red Sox up 3-0 in Series

We landed in NZ at 12pm and because of daylight savings time the Game does not begin till 1:30pm NZ Time. After clearing customs I enquired about where I was most likely to be able to watch the World Series and was directed to downtown Christchurch and the Holy Grail, conveniently located on the bus route from the airport and near where we needed to catch the bus to Clinton later that evening. When we got there (in time for the 1st pitch, I was overjoyed to find not only was the game on BUT it was on a 30 foot screen!!! I was breathless to say the least, it has been since Game 3 of the Division Series in California since I have seen a game, wow , adream come true and No I did not Plan it this way, Fate and the Sox and Myself are all intertwined!!! We bought a yum pizza and quaffed some brews, Colleen and yaya went for a walk around town while I settled in and was thrilled to see the Sox take a 6-0 lead. The Rockies hit themselves back into it on a Matt Holliday homer off of okajima but the Sox came right back on clutch hits by Coco, Jacoby (4-5) and Dustin Pedroia and were ahead 9-5 when we had to run to catch the bust to Clinton!

Dice K pitched well enough to win and had the hit of the game with a 2 run single in the third!!!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Red Sox up 2-0 in the World Series

I wore my hat during game times and sent posative thoughts to Fenway as we enjoyed Vuna on Fiji and the Ferry ride back to Suva. We arrived early in the morning and beforew the internet cafes opened we had a bit of breakfast on a balcony overlooking downtown and i found a paper and leafed through the Sports section on the off-hand chance there would be an article about the World Series and my heart leaped when I saw the headline "RED SOX TAKE COMMAND OF WORLD SERIES!!!!" Yippee!!! they won the 2nd game 2-1 after blowing out the Rockies 13-1!!!! Later online i read about both games and note that Game 3 starts a half hour after we land in Christchurch on Sunday!