Friday, April 6, 2007


All the hype surrounding the 103 million dollar siging of Japanese pitching phenol Daiske Matsusaka came to a head today when he made his Major League debut against the Royals. I was napping with Ambiana at gametime so I turned the radio on low as she slept on my chest and listened to the first few innings like that. The Red Sox jumped out to a lead at the top of the 1st for the 3rd consecutive game on a manny RBI double. Dice K worked out of several jams turning it up a notch when he needed to.

I wriggled out from under Ambiana and Gaelen and I listened in the living room with our diamond diagram, Gaelen got a ball and a tiny bat out for the pitches and hits but the minute Ambiana woke up and joined us he lost interest. The Red Sox added a run when Julio Lugo stole 3rd and took home when the throw went into left field. DiceK gave up a solo homer in the 5th but the Sox pulled ahead after Ortiz doubled (his only hit as he struck out 4 times) was moved over to third on a Manny sacrifice and scored on a passed ball. The Red Sox added another run when Crisp drove in Drew later in the inning.

Once again the bullpen provided timely relief. Romero worked the 8th and Paplebon came in and struck out 2 in the 9th to nail down DiceK's 1st Major League win. I took Gaelen swimming at the Y before the game ended so I taped it and listened to the 9th when I got home.

Red Sox 4 Royals 1