Sunday, June 3, 2007



Gaelen, Gamma and me rolled to Fenway Park at 7pm in time to beat the crowds and catch some batting practice. Our seats were in right-field high up in the grandstand under the roof. We took advantage of our early arrival to munch on hotdogs, pretzels and for the adults, Guinness!! It was gray all day threatening rain but it never came but it was chilly for June and we brought blankets to wrap ourselves in.

The Sox got off to a slow start falling behind 4-0 before exploding forth in the 5th with 5 runs behind a bases clearing 3-RBI double by the red hot Dustin Pedroia who has raised his batting average from .175 to .338 in just a month. The night was cool and Gaelen spent the game in my lap wrapped in 2 Red Sox blankets I got for applying for credit cards. I showed him where to look on the Green Monster for balls and strikes and outs and he asked a million questions half of which I couldn't hear over the crowd which by the way made him mad with all their cheering when the Sox scored their 5 runs.

The game was a long one, over 4 hours and it began at 8pm because ESPN was broadcasting it. Gaelen slept during the 7th but was awake when Okajima blew the one run lead ann Pap gave up the go ahead homer to A-Rod with 2 out and 2 strikes in the top of the 9th. I had told Gaelen that if Pap held the the Yanks to no runs that Big Papi would win the game for us with a homer in the bottom of the 9th. Alas the rain began to fall heavy and Big Papi fouled off alot of pitches before flying out to deep right. Then Manny and Lowell struck out and the Sox had lost 6-5 :( We waited for the crowd to leave so we could roll Gamma out and spent the time picking up 10 Red Sox souvenier cups left behind by the fans. We rolled home up Boylston in the rain, Gaelen on Gamma's lap and were all tucked into bed at 1:30am (except for Gamma who was too wound up and stayed up till 2am) It was a fun game, too bad we lost but we are still 12.5 games ahead of the Yanks and 10.5 ahead of Toronto.