Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Gaelen and I went over to our friend John's house (his wife is in the Mom's club with Colleen) to watch the 2nd in this 3 game series. It was Gaelen's 1st time watching a televised baseball game and it was a good one! Tavarez pitched awesome for 3 innings and then got a little wild but was ahead 4-2 when he was lifted. Gaelen has picked up alot of the game from our backyard games and T-Ball and followed the game quite well!

The game got off to a great start when Manny blasted a 3 run homer in the top of the 1st inning. I did my little dance and John high-5'd us all around.

Lowell added a solo home run in the 4th to give the Sox a 4-0 lead. Javier Lopez replaced Tavarez and pitched two excellent innings. Okajima And Pap closed out the game. They both were a bit rusty each walking a pair but the Sox had built up the lead to 7-2 with a 3 run 7th inning courtesy of a Crisp stolen base and key hits by Lugo, Youk and Big Papi who is Gaelen's favorite Player. He got really excited each time he came to bat. Gaelen made it to the 8th before falling asleep and didn't miss anything but the sketchy pitching by Okajima and Pap. We got home at 10:30pm which is a late night for the G-Man but a great one!