Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sox In World Series

I am in Lavena on the island of Taveuni for Game 5 and 6 of the AL Championship Series, I wear my hat and dream bad dreams of the Sox losing...we take the bus out on Tuesday the 23rd and when we get to town I find the internet place and get online to check redsox.com...as the screen comes up my eyes are closed, my lips mumblin' a Red Sox Prayer, i open my eyes and the first thing I see is josh becket's face in the next game box, my heart leaps, yes it is true, the Red Sox are in the World Series, Playing the Colorado Rockies who have swept both of the NL Play-off Series and have been waiting 6 days to see who they would play. Oh what joy there is in my heart!!!! Not only are the Sox in the Series but they THUMPED the Tribe, 12-2 and 11-2 to get there. JD Drew hit a Grand Slam in Game 6 and DiceK got the win in Game 7!!! I will be out of touch for the 1st two games but I'll be wearing my hat!!!


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