Friday, April 20, 2007


The 1st Red Sox-Yankee game of the season and to celebrate it I set off through the beautiful sunset evening after a swimming session with Gaelen to Ebeneezer Choo's to watch the game on the big screen. Being a Friday night the bar was crowded. I had forgotten how some people consider hanging out in a bar to be a social life. The only reasons I go are to watch red Sox baseball or to dance. Not much opportunity for the latter at first as A-Rod continued his hot streak blasting 2 homers off Schilling, the 2nd sending Coco Crisp head over heels over the bullpen wall.

Varitek had tied it up momentarily 2-2 in the 4th with a 2 run homer, could have been a 3 run homer but Drew was caught on a "what was he thinking?" steal attempt. After A-Rod's 2nd homer and a weak 1-2-3 at bat by the Red Sox I walked home and turned the game off on my Walkman to talk with my lovie. When Ambiana woke up and my lovie went to attend her I turned the game back on just in time to listen to the Red Sox mount a 5 run comeback in the bottom of the 8th which was interrupted twice by Flood Warnings as the Connecticut is running very high with all the rain from Monday's storm and the warm sunny weather spring run-off.

Ortiz led off the bottom of the 8th with a double, Manny walked, Drew advanced them with a ground out, Lowell knocked in Ortiz with a single and V-Tek singled bringing in Manny. Then up came Crisp who smoked the 1st pitch from Rivera for a triple tying the game at 6 apiece. Cora batting for Pena who batted for Pedroia in the 7th then delivered his 2nd game winning hit in 2 days scoring Crisp with the go ahead run.

With Paplebon having worked the last 2 games Francona turned to new Japanese pitcher Okajima for the save. He faced Jeter, (fly out) Abreau (walk) , and A-rod (line out) and then struck out the final batter for his first save and and awesome come from behind victory for the Red Sox wearing green in tribute to the Celtics who are now 2 games ahead of the Yankees and in 1st place in the AL East.