Wednesday, April 4, 2007


It was just me and Ambiana today at first for the 1st Red Sox game of the season, first time on FM here on a new station, no more AM talk radio ads, new broadcaster in the booth, new 2nd baseman, shortstop and right fielder plus a whole new bullpen. Colleen came home top of the 1st and Ortiz doubled in Youkilis from 2nd. 1st inning, a run, Red Sox lead 1-0. daddy does a little dance. It doesn't last long, Shilling walks in a run in the bottom of the 1st, then gives up triples and doubles and 5 runs in 4 innings while our new shortstop strikes out 3 times and singles when we are behind by 5 runs. Gaelen comes home when it is 2-1 and he wants to know why i am not out on the porch. I did take the Red Sox blanket out along with some fat books on Red Sox i got at the Library today but didn't even turn on the radio...too cold and overcast for the Red Sox porch with Ambiana. I told Gaelen I was waiting for him, we dressed up in long underwear and took the sleeping bag and the diagram of the diamond i made for him to help him visualize the game. He kept at me about the pitch count thinking of it in terms of a score, i tried to get it across to him that it was the score between the hitter and the pitcher...the pitcher wants outs and the hitter wants hits and runs. each at bat is a little game within the game and the pitchers keep score against the other pitchers and the hitters against the other hitters and who is winning at the end of the season (now just beginning) is the winner. I placed little figures from one of colleen's boardgames on my little diamond in hopes that it would help him follow the game on the radio. He got bored after 2 innings and left. Dinner was ready and we listened to the game at dinner, I yahoo'd when the Red Sox got a hit and Gaelen told me he didn't like my yahooing that it hurt his ears. The new bullpen gave up runs including a homer. Manny struck out looking. I listened to the last 2 innings back out on the Red Sox porch alone wrapped in my sleeping bag. Gaelen, Colleen and Ambiana stopped by on their way to a walk by the river. 7-1 Royals. Molly asked me at dinner if i would get depressed...told her nope, not no more, we got 2004