Monday, April 9, 2007


I listened to the 1st inning of last night's game out on the Red Sox porch, just enough to hear Ortiz blast the 1st of his 2 homers then I turned it off and had movie night with my lovey, we watched Pride and Prejudiced. When Ambiana woke up I would sneak a listen to see how the game was progressing (3-1 Red Sox in the top of the 7th) After the movie I caught the wrap, Schilling was impressive and Papelbon had a great save. The Red Sox finish up the 1st road trip of the season 3-3 and head back to Boston for the Home Opener on Tuesday and 3 against Seattle and 3 against the Angels. I am going to the home opener with Mom and Patti, we have an extra ticket for that game so if you would like to go give me or my mom a call :)

Red Sox 3 Rangers 2