Sunday, April 29, 2007


Colleen, Ambiana and I ran a 5 mile race in Amherst today and afterwards the girls went to the library for some kind of song thing while I headed to the Amherst brewing Company to catch a few innings of the rubber game in this Red Sox-Yankee 3 game series. There were a few Sox fans belly up at the bar to enjoy the game with and the Sox started off well with a solo shot by Big Papi into the upper deck in right field. Tavarez pitched well until the 3rd when he threw something like 10 straight balls walking two then gave up a 3 run homer to Doug "kept-the-World-Series-ball" Mientkiewicz...ouch

My lovies joined me at the bar, Ambiana pointing to the screen and saying "baybal, baybal" she is soooo cute. We downed a beer a piece and left at the bottom of the 4th with the Sox behind 3-2. On the ride home Cora connected for a 2-run homer and the Sox never looked back.

Okajima came in in the 6th and pitched excellently and the Sox added another run when Cora, after belting a triple scored on a sacrifice fly in the top of the 7th as I listened on a walkman while buying packing tape at the Holyoke Flea Market. I was back home and on the red Sox Porch when Manny connected for a 2 run homer in the top of the 8th and was there for the 9th, joined by Gaelen back from Housatonic and Eden's birthday party, when Paplebon notched is 8th save made possible by Timlin givin' up a homer to Jeter in the bottom of the 8th.