Thursday, May 3, 2007


This is the make up game for the rain out on April 12th and my mom had tickets, I called her on Monday but she had given away the extra one. i was a bit sad but should've told her 2 weeks ago I could go. As it was Colleen, Ambiana, Gaelen and me walked over to Holyoke for a festival and rode the merry go round for free. I took my walkman and listened to the game as we walked home. When DiceK melted down in the 1st I was consoled a bit that I was not there but by the time we were back across the river and Gaelen and I were watching a softball game at the park the Sox had it tied up 5-5 by the bottom of the second and I was wishing I was there but glad my momma was at a good game.

Back home listening in the bedroom before nighty-night for Ambiana we did a little dance as Manny smacked a two run homer in the 4th to put the Sox up 7-5. Seattle battled back at the top of the 5th scoring two runs and thats the way it stood till the 8th when Manny smacked home run #5 over the Monster for the go ahead and eventual winning run. What an awesome game for my Mom to be at. I talked to her this morning and she said Manny must have known she would be there to hit to home runs like that and the game winner to boot!

Manny's Game Winning Homer!