Friday, April 4, 2008

Bye Bye Aina in Na'alehu :(

Due to the closure of Aloha Airlines we forced to leave the aina early on Wednesday April 2nd or face the prospect of paying $1000 to leave Hawai'i. So we packed up in the morning and caught a ride to Hilo where we weighred our options and decided to fly to Kauai and take our chances there of finding a way back to the mainland.

Here is Mauna Kea with the sunset to the west as we flew to Kauai.


In Kauai we spent the night on a soccer field when we could not catch a flight back to California. The next day we made arrangements with US Airways to fly Monday stand by to Phoenix and then hitched to Salt Pond Beach Park to spend the next couple of days.

Beautiful Sunsets...

and seals!!!