Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Our Last Days on Kaua'i


We spent 2 days at Salt pond beach Park and then hitched to the end of the island to Polihale (House of Spirits) State Park. We had great luck hitching and caught a ride that took us to the end of the road where the beach camping spots were. Polihale is a big long windswept white sand beach covered with dunes and blowing sand with rough treacherous surf and the western end of the Napali Coast cliffs at one end.

It is a beautiful place to watch the sunset, unfortunately when the wind is up like it was for the 2 days we were there the ocean is not swimmable due to rip currents, undertows and big surf breaking right on shore.

Ambiana did have a good time playing plover (running from the waves) and making shapes in the sand. The wind dies down at sunset and doesn't arrive till about 10am in the morning so that was the time we were on the beach, at any other time it was sand blaster out there!

Our luck with rides continued and when it was time to leave we caught a ride from the campsite all the way back into Lihue. Having an adorable Yaya is the secret :)

Leaving Hawai'i

We had arranged a stand by flight for us to Phoenix on monday but while we were camping ATA Airlines went bust stranding another 10,000 people on the islands so when we got back to the airport we found that all the seats on our flight were overbooked and we had to spend the night at the airport. I found us a flight the next day from Honolulu to San Francisco for Wednesday the 9th and the director of the Kaua'i Visitors Bureau paid us a visit and put us up in a hotel room for Tuesday night. And on Wednesday we spent the day at the library and then flew to Honolulu at 5pm and caught the 9:25pm flight for San Francisco bringing an end to our 95 days in Hawai'i. Time now to begin working our way back East heading home where ever that may be :)


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