Monday, February 11, 2008

Working on the Floor

We got right to work once the lumber came in. Here Ben checks the level and camber of one of the posts. We have 9 of them to support the house.

In no time we had the 3 beams on. Our neighbor Danny, a framer, came over and helped us square it up and by moving this and that we got ourselves a 16' x 16' square.

Ben bought a Norfolk Pine for the land. Here is Ambiana beside it, over the years it will grow but for now it is a baby tree only yaya's size!

Sawing is meditative as we have built so far with no power tools save our selves :) Sometime the line is not exactly right but that only serves to give the house character. Here I am sawing 3 inches of the 16 foot joists so they can be placed ontop of the beams.

Laurel is sen here nailing the joists into place. We work early when it is cooler out.

Ya Yum at the eating place!