Friday, January 25, 2008

Hiking to the Sea from our Land

We have been making steady progress on the house, having cleared the site and scraping the earth where we want the pier blocks to go. Ben and I made a couple of runs to the concrete and gravel place and picked up a ton of base core and some pier blocks to secure the foundation. As I write Laurel and Ben are laying out the gravel and the pier blocks. Once this is done we get lumber and start on the floor!

Ka'alualu Road off of which we live on Makai St has a storied history. It is paved to our street and then heads down 6 miles unpaved and over lava to Ka'alualu Bay where Mark Twain disembarked and then walked up the road to plant his MonKeyPod Tree and explore the Big Island. Long before Samuel Clemens though this spot is believed to be where the first Hawaiians came ashore 1700 years ago. Ka'u, the name of our district, means "Nurtured from the Breast" and that is exactly what Mauna Loa looks like, rising gradually to 13,000 feet from the seaside plains. Legend has it that the great Kamehameha spent his boyhood in Ka'u and that at one time up to 30,000 people lived in this area. There are remnants of ancient walls and terraces in the undergrowth all over. On Tuesday, the full moon we decided to hike down to the sea along this road and spend the night and the next day exploring the coast. This is Ambiana's first overnight backpacking trip!!!

We were about halfway down the road when the sunset and we hiked the rest of the way in the light of the rising full moon.

We pitched our tents in the lee of the wind among some seaside trees, waking in the morning amongst the seastrewn debris of a zilliuon fishing boats.

Before breakfast we hiked a bit along the coast and found some tidepools for Ambiana to swim in and a small little beach for us bigger kids :)

There was also a rope swing that Yaya just had to try out. We spent the day by the sea relaxing and exploring and eating some Manini fish that some local fisherman had caught and shared with us. We hiked back up around 3pm and made it home just before the clouds burst open upon us! A sweet hike for just outside our front door (if we had one :)