Monday, March 10, 2008

Ben and Laurel Leave!

House Update

Ben and Laurel left on Friday for Ohau where they are joining the crew of a sailboat sailing South for Kirbati in a few weeks. Before they left we made a sign out of concrete and adorned it with shells. It's inspiration was the sign at our fomer summer camp up at Lake Ozonia in the Adirondacks. It cracked when I took it out of the form but it fits togther anyway (like our Ohana) and Ambiana and I painted the letters to give the sign a tropical feel and it now lays at the bottom of the path up to the aina!

After Gaelen and Gamma left Ben and Laurel framed up the house, all it needs now is siding and a roof. Ben is hopeful Tony will join him here in May and help him finish it up!

Ambiana is enjoying a bath! We are here till the beginning of April and our plans for the land include installing a sink in our outdoor kitchen, improving the garden and planting more plants, and if we are lucky catching the rooster and finding him a new home.

A Trip to Volcano!

On Saturday we drove up to Volcano National park to go see a hula performance on the crater rim by the Halau of my former Hula teacher Eulani Stepany (far right back row) They danced old style hulas about the ali'i (rulers) and Pele the volcano goddess! It was a fine performance!

We then intended to hike down into the Crater but found the trail closed half-way down due to the high sulpher content leaking out of the volcano.

The hike was down through rainforest with beautiful plants and ferns!

We detoured after the finding the trail closed to the steaming banks where groundwater meets the magma and issues forth a steam. The rangers said they have not seen so much steam in 20 years. Something is brewing deep underfoot!

South Point

After a hot day digging dirt and planting we cooled off down at South Point at the boat ramp. We hear there is a great area for kids to swim down here but we have not found it yet so the boat ramp suffices. There are several small lava tide pools that Ambiana can soak herself in!