Monday, March 17, 2008


On Saturday We attended a Pirate Birthday Party for Derek one of the kids in Ambiana's playgroup. Colleen really had fun coming up with a pirate costume. There was good food and good fun. Here Ambiana takes part in "Sink-the-Pirate-Ship." The losers had to walk the plank! There was also a treasure hunt and a...

...pinata. Here is Ambiana taking a Whack at the pinata idol!

GreenSand Beach II

We hiked out to GreenSand Beach on Sunday. It is our favorite local beach and a nice walk along the coast. We plan on before we leave to hike to the beach and then continue on to Ka'alu'alu Bay and on up to the aina it being only 8 miles from GreenSand!

We ran into Dave Williams from Alaska on the way in. He was hiking with the parent's of his gal Marie, and we had good fun playing in the waves!


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