Friday, January 18, 2008

Getting to Work on the Aina

We have been working hard in the mornings, Ben and I, to clear the gound for the house. We are planning a 16' x 16' foot box with a 3' wall and the rest screen all the way around.

This is the Path heading towards the area we are camped out in.

This is our kitchen area and where we eat our meals and hide from the rain if it comes

Laurel and Colleen made a nice table where we keep our water and kitchen stuff.

Our loo :)

Colleen and Yaya at the Park!
On Friday we took the free bus to Pahala 16 miles down the coast to cash a traveller's check, we met some really nice people as we waited for the bank to open and made some friends. Here Ambiana and Colleen teach Ocean how to play Memory. Ocean's Dad, behind Ya in the red shirt, offered us a car if we can get it running. We went and took a look at it and had some corncake as we waited for the rain to stop. Then we biked to the beach at Punalu'u and had a swim before catching the bus home.