Friday, February 15, 2008

Gaelen & Gamma on the Aina

We arrived at the aina and Gaelen and Gamma and Yaya went right up on the brand new floor and all played together while we got camp and dinner ready. Gaelen and Gamma adapted remarkably well to our primitive island life. Gaelen had no compuction about using our squat board poo hole and even exclaimed that he "loved it!" Gamma we took to the park up the hill when nature called. We slpet 5 in our tent just like old times back at Horseneck Beach in Massachusetts and enjoyed simple stir fry, pasta, panckae and oatmeal meals!

The next day Gaelen went right to work with a saw. He has been excited for months to chop down a tree and Uncle Ben put him right to work. Here he is making a path from our special space to the future site of our outdoor solar shower. We took him with us to the friday playgroup and then out to Whittington Beach Park for a picnic and a dip in the tidepools.

Then it was home for Ambiana's belated 2nd birthday party. We gave gifts to Gamma (a coffee mug painted by Yaya), Gaelen (a shirt painted by Yaya, Moch and Colleen), Ben (a boat made from a seed with a sail and picture of Moch, ben and Yaya) and Laurel (a felt flower with a Yaya picture in the center.) We lit 3 candles (this is the third solar orbit Ambiana is embarking on) in a a piece of wood, told her birth story, sang our own version of a birthday song and ate ice cream in cones. Gaelen and Gamma had decorated the special spot with Balloons and it was a very nice party, no puking this year by anyone!