Monday, February 4, 2008

Punalu'u and Ho'okena Beaches

We've been getting alot of rain in Kau, it has poured the last 3 days and nights, roads are closed, the sun non-existant:)

All the rain is good for our gardens, Colleen and I added 2 more beds, terracing them up the slope in the middle of our aina. Colleen and Ambiana have planted peas, mescalin, kale and spinach as well as chamomille and calendula.

Lots of rain and then some sun make plants grow like crazy here :)

We biked last week 10 miles to the Punalu'u Blacksand beach. The road followed the coast and was super scenic.

Ambiana loves the tidepools...

...and her men which she takes everywhere.

This beach is a favorite place for turtles to crawl out of the sea and take a snooze!

Ben and Laurel's friends, Rachel and Louie arrived last week from Alaska and spent a few nights with us, they came just in time for the rain!

On Saturday Colleen, Yaya and me hitched up to Ho'okena Black Sand Beach where we had lots of fun playing in the blacksand!

We gave Ambiana a mermaid tail...

and buried daddy in the sand :)

This is our favorite place in Na'alehu, the Southernmost Library in the U.S.