Friday, February 8, 2008

Ambiana on the Aina

Ambiana on the Aina

The Lumber Arrives!

We went to Hilo on rainy Tuesday and did some shopping, picking up a 2 burner cast iron stove, a propane tank, a boogie board for Gaelen, lots of food and a garbage can as a wild pig got into out trash the night before. Ben and Laurel put in an order for a lumber package at Home Depot and they dropped it off today.

It is enough timber to put up a floor with a roof over it. We hauled it up and stacked it and now once Ben relaxes and lets his stiff neck loosen up we will start to square up and level the pile blocks and then add the 4"x4" blocks to them to get the floor to the proper height!

Ben bought a boat, an outrigger canoe with a sail, last weekend and has been piddlin' about with it during the rain and as we waited for the timber to arrive.

Colleen and I, meanwhile, added 2 more beds to our terraced garden