Friday, March 14, 2008


We travelled to Hilo side last thursday to go to a contradance at Kalani with Wild Asparagus playing. It was fun to see our friends in the band, our Hawai'i contra friends and to be at Kalani once again where I was a volunteer in the past. We spent the night by the sea at Mackenzie Stae park and the morning at the warm ponds and the tide pools in Kapoho. We went to lunch in Pahoa and then went out to Kalapana to see the lava flowing into the Ocean!

The site was really regulated by the police and Civil Defense team and unlike years past when you could walk right up to the lava this time we were kept at a "safe" distance from it.

As you can see Ambiana was not impressed. There were a ton of tourists out ther with us viewing the steam cloud created by the lava meeting the sea. We could also barely make out some thin streams of red magma and there was a long distance view of the lava covering and burning up a remnant of the Chain of Craters road.

Our Garden

Our garden is flourishing, or would be if the slugs and the rooster would leave it alone. Colleen goes on slug patrol every night and we have plans to catch the rooster in a blanket and relocate him. Last night we had soup which contained the first greens from the garden.