Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Ben and Laurel Arrive!!!

The Aina in Na'alehu

Ben and Laurel picked us up Saturday from the Krishna Farm and we all travelled to the land where we are busy situationg ourselves for the house building project.

We are living in tents on the back of the property where we have great sunrise and sunset views.

Our first order of business was to dig a pit to take care of our business :)

Ambiana loves her Uncle Ben!!!

Colleen and I scored some sweet bikes at $25. a piece so we have transportation! Ben and Laurel are in Hilo for a few days looking for a truck!

South Point

South Point is a beautiful place as well as the Southernmost part of the U.S.

I have landed a volunteer job as a internet cafe volunterr so I will be updating the blog more in the coming week and adding text to the Krishan Farm entery, we have fun stories from that stay.