Saturday, January 12, 2008

WWOOFing in Puna!

The Krishna Farm

On Monday the 7th we atteneded another gathering at the Farm and met our WWOOfing hosts Maha and the Pomerantze's: Shani, Lucas and Caitlyn. They took us home and set us up in a nice room with bunkbeds! When we contacted the farm they sent us this:

Our day usually starts with a trip to the ocean rather early (either at or before sunrise). Don't picture any sandy beaches because there aren't any on this side of the island! It is mostly rocky coast with pretty heavy waves. There is a bay to surf and swim that we go to but it is a rocky coastline. Some people take a meditative walk, some swim and some surf if they are experienced. We usually return around 7:30am for our morning program. We play instruments and chant together, read something from the Vedas and have breakfast together. We then have a short meeting about what we are going to be doing that day and get any feedback on ideas for projects people want to be involved in. We do our morning chores, prepare lunches and get started. We like our guests to attend because it helps start out the day in a positive, spiritually enlivened condition.

So we were expecting to be up before sunrise and off to the beach but it never happened. I got up and walked up to the house and the Pomerantzes were chanting and singing to Krishna. Once they were done. Gene and Becca turned up as did Colleen and Ambiana and our day began.

Colleen and Ambiana stayed on the farm and worked with some plants while I went off to another property and spent the day outside painting a housewith Lucas and had a good time talking with him about his experiences and how he got into Krishna. From what we have seen Krisna connects really well with Christianity and with those who came from a church background as it offers a God who is a person and has a name: Krishna. Instead of a spritual teacher who was crucified 2000 years ago they have their spiritual master who lives on maui and whom they can watch on video or listen to on tape or even met in person. The worship isn't some dry text reading but is a jump up and down rock out chant jam and the priest in this case is a Farmer who hosts great feats at his house 3 times a week. But the singing and chanting to Krishna every day gets a bit old, especially when we are hungry and can not eat until food has been offered to Krishna.

We spent the rest of the week working a few hours a day on the farm, I got to drive a small mower and spread manure around the fruit trees, dig up and replant some ferns and re-gravel parts of the driveway. Colleen mostly worked with plants.

We really enjoyed working with and hanging out with Gene and Becca, Becca went to BU like me and they work on a farm on Martha's Vineyard in the summer. Daniel (on the right) is a super cool computer whiz from Austrailia and makes great chipates (Indian flatbread)

Ambiana loved seeing all the avocados on the trees. It is good for her to see where food really comes from, not just the supermarket :)

Kehena Beach

Gene and Becca took us to Kehena Beach which is where I spent my beach time when I was at Kalani years ago. It has changed quite a bit but is still a beautiful slice of black sand and deep blue sea with big waves!