Monday, March 24, 2008


Colleen and I combined our talents and freecycled a sink, bought some simple plumbing and some wood at Home Depot and made a sweet dishwashing station for our outdoor kitchen!

Here is that pesky rascally rooster!

On The Equinox we went up to Pahala to hear some Hawaiian music by 2008 Grammy winner Keoiki Kahumoku and the kids in his Ukelele workshop. Hawaiian music is so beautiful!

We also enjoyed a yum yum while there!

We spent the weekend Hilo side at a contradance and crashed at the beautiful house of some contra friends in Puna waking up on the side of a 50 year old overgrown cindercone with a beautiful view of the sea. Colleen danced her but off at the Ecstatic Dance at Kalani and we enjoyed an hour on the carzy Sunday Kehena Beach before coming back home over the sulphur spewing volcano. Here is Ambiana with here one legged bear on the house floor painted red!